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Questionare you gay? Answer

yes, thank god

i’m in a mood so i want to vent

  • god i hate the word “problematic”.
  • girls is watched by less than 700,000 people every week yet i swear i see more articles about lena dunham than, i don’t know something else with more than 700,000 fucking viewers.
  • fuck pacific rim, that shit look like someone tried to remake transformers on their macbook pro
  • i did one of thise ancestry dna tests and found out that i am 79% african and 21% european, i am struggling with the reality of that. black women are the heroes of the world.
  • the last 8 months have been the most stressful of my life but also the most forwarding and for that i am grateful
  • i love my mom so much i want to cry

that’s all, bye!

QuestionHey! I was wondering if you've got the link to the video in which George Clooney says that actors don't get celebrated enough: Oscars, Golden Globes etc when do they get accolades? Do you have the link to that? Answer

Lupita Nyong’o - 86th Annual Academy Awards

Lupita Nyong’o - 86th Annual Academy Awards

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Janet Mock returns to Piers Morgan Live. (x)

My people are everything. Thank you for supporting me tonight. I exist among giants. I love you all. 

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oh god madonna and macklemore are performing at the grammys together?

what in the vanilla hell


Professor Munroe and Professor Braddock

Little color sketch for the day ;P

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yall keep sayin this and yall can’t commit man yall swear off white boys until the blonde nigga from sons of anarchy come thru and then you be tellin him to backhand you and spit in your mouth

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